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about us

A solid


Our professionally trained, talented and skilled team is made up of translators and editors. All native speakers, our linguists each have about 20 years of experience.


They are backed by an attentive and detail-oriented project management team.

Though Confluence continues to grow, many of us have been working together every day for years. Not only do we love what we do, we love working together on your projects! And that can be felt in our work.

A smooth process

Our translators and revisers work collaboratively on each document as a trio via online tools. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies and apply a rigorous three-step process

Our project managers answer your requests quickly and place assignments according to team members’ strengths, expertise and familiarity with your work.


They are attentive and responsive, always only an email, call or videoconference away if you need a quick answer.

Superior results

We’re told that the quality of our translations exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our translations and revisions are ready for publication because our well-honed collaborative methods optimize everyone’s strengths.


And you reap
the benefits!

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